We strive to produce quality work that is done right the first time.  We take the time to understand our clients needs, and produce accurate results.

We are a small firm that provides land surveying throughout     Missouri.  We are able to offer competitive prices with the same quality professional service a client would expect from any large corporation.

Checkpoint Surveying uses the latest technology and equipment to provide a wide range of land surveying services.



Checkpoint Surveying is a land surveying company that provides a variety of services to meet your land surveying needs.  Our mission at Checkpoint Surveying is to provide quality land surveying products and services. We aim high with precision and accuracy to go above the larger competitors to exceed our clients expectations.



our commitment to you:

  • Understand and develop cost efficient solutions.
  • Be proactive from start to finish.
  • Ensure results are met within the time frame and       budget.

Checkpoint Surveying produces services in a fast, efficient manner at a controlled unit cost.